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Bio Nutraceutical, Inc. (BNI) provides comprehensive research and development, manufacturing, production, and packaging services. These integrated capabilities resonate throughout the company in order to fulfill clients' current and future needs. BNI's exceptional services include laboratory analysis, blending, milling, compression, tableting, coating, and encapsulation. Along with various services, Bio Nutraceutical, Inc. offers over 30 years of experience and the finest equipment and technology in order to deliver the best nutritional supplements on the market.

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    Tablets are the most common form for oral delivery. They can be designed and produced in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Tablets are a delicate blend of the right amount of pressure and the exact measure of ingredients. In order to accomplish this accurately, the following is used to form the compression mix:

    • Direct Compression involves power blending, lubrication, and compaction.

    • Dry Granulation involves the steps of dry powder blending, initial compaction (slugging or roller compaction), milling, addition of extra granular excipients and lubrication before compaction or capsule filling.

    • Wet Granulation involves dry powder blending, wet granulation with water or a binder solution, drying and granule sizing, addition of extra granular components, lubrication and compaction. This is primarily carried out to improve the flow and compactability of a tablet compression mix.

    After compression, coating can be applied to alter the color, palatability and/or bioavailability of the tablet. Additionally, coating can strengthen the tablet, match time-release specifications, and protect it from moisture.

    Hard shell 2-piece capsules are the second most form of oral delivery. Produced in high rates as well, they are generally easier to develop than tablets and some benefits include ease of swallowing and masking undesirable taste.

    With an experienced Research & Development staff, Bio Nutraceutical has the ability to produce and help formulate the optimal blend of actives, flavors, and other ingredients to ensure high-quality and great tasting powders.

    Packaging and Labeling
    In order to meet your packaging needs and style, Bio Nutraceutical, Inc. offers various HDPE bottles, jars, and containers in array of colors and sizes. Additionally, the company reviews and verifies all labels are in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration.
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    Our laboratory uses state of the art equipment to identify all incoming material: FTIR for precise botanical identification, ICP for mineral and heavy metal analysis, UV-VIS for potency measurement, and HPLC for quantification and analysis of vitamins and other actives. We meet all required testing for microbiological safety and 21 CFR 111 standards for cGMP's (current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliance.

    Bio Nutraceutical conducts Microbial Screening for Total Aerobic Plate Count (TPC), Yeast & Molds, Enterobacteriacea, and Coliform & E. Coli which are all performed in-house. Additional capabilities include USP Tablet Disintegration, Friability, Hardness, and Moisture Analysis.

    From qualified chemists and technicians to validated qualitative and quantitative test methodologies, Bio Nutraceutical, Inc. has the necessary tools to ensure clean, safe, and high-quality products.

  • Research & Development Open or Close

    Going beyond contract manufacturing, Bio Nutraceutical, Inc. is proficient at problem solving, innovation, and discovery. Whether it is creating unique formulations or resolving custom manufacturing challenges and process issues, our talented Research & Development staff investigate the problems, test new theories, and deliver inspired solutions.

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